21 years old
Class of 2014 @ UVA
Class of 2018 @ VCU Pharmacy

New people are cool.
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the only D youre getting is a duel



The fact that there is a game in existence where Donald fucking Duck actually has a need to shout, “Sora! It’s Sephiroth!” keeps me up at night.

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walk into the club like wait nevermind can we go home

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Attention Stalkers: Anna Kendrick Will Throw Your Gifts In The Trash, Even If They’re Diamonds


Don’t be alarmed, fans — she specifically says that if you send her gifts through the proper channels (aka sending fan mail to her PR team as most of you have) it’s much sweeter and less creepier. The things she threw out were things sent DIRECTLY to her home which is crossing a major privacy line.